Learn From The Best

Learn from the Best

GLO knows how important continuous learning and community are for the dedicated entrepreneur.

Members enjoy access to a variety of GLO communities focused on different industries, demographics, and influence. GLO’s Market Leaders are acclaimed experts in their fields who offer ongoing learning opportunities through the GLO portal, as well as in live events where they participate and engage in-person with GLO members in dynamic and inspiring interviews and discussions.

Each market leader has a proven track record of over-the-top success and specific expertise that he or she brings to GLO to help your business grow. Plus, these leaders participate in monthly live events and members get to attend or livestream them all!

With GLO you know there will be a community that’s the perfect fit for you.

Members can belong to one or several communitiesconnect with your peers by industry or demographic—whatever works best to help you multiply your results.

GLO also offers an exciting lineup of live events that can be attended in-person or participated in virtually at Microsoft stores everywhere! The Microsoft Lessons in Leadership Tour™ in partnership with GLO is a monthly event series featuring our Market Leaders who are eager to share with you the wealth of wisdom they’ve learned through their phenomenal world-class business success.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and attend this unique event in three ways.

  1. Join in person at the venue
  2. Attend virtually via simulcast at any Microsoft store
  3. Stream online as a GLO member.

What you get when you attend: 

  • Be in the room at the Microsoft store to meet-and-greet and get your questions answered firsthand
  • Join the conversation at any Microsoft store via live-stream and participate as if you were there
  • GLO members can stream the event live from anywhere in the world via the GLO portal
  • Learn from leading business experts
  • Listen to best-selling authors
  • Network with other business owners
  • Discover exclusive deals from Microsoft for GLO members
  • Engage with your local chapter to go deeper
  • Re-watch the event 24 / 7 at your convenience


Our Market Leaders are not only phenomenal business owners, but they are also very dedicated to serving their communities, and helping as many people as they can to reach their potential.

At GLO we care not only about the success of your business, but also about your own growth and development as a business leader.  

Excellence involves being a well-rounded professional as well as a leader who embraces ongoing learning and sharing what you learn with others.

You will be amazed and thrilled at the many business and personal stories that our Market Leaders share both in our live events and online in our learning portal. Each Market Leader discusses the hard work, dedication, curiosity, inspiration and encouragement that was needed to help them grow and thrive.

Our Market Leaders also know what it takes to bounce back from challenges, and how to maintain a healthy mindset that will ground you in lasting principles for long-term success. At GLO we know how to embrace both longevity and resilience in your career. Our Market Leaders show you how!

With frequent updates on our Market Leaders’ ongoing events and achievements, the GLO member Portal is your gateway to ongoing access to inspirational content that is bound to help you grow.

Go around the world with GLO on the portal as our Market Leaders take part in numerous service projects that have helped millions of people. Examples include creating organizations to help gain access to electricity, inspire children to dream, and encourage women to become entrepreneurs.

Need an idea for your business goals? Wondering how to get started?

Our Leaders share inspiring stories of their own business journeys, including dazzling the corporate world with sheer tenacity and hard work, going from pennies to billions, teaching successful real estate practices and helping others have the home of their dreams, starting a world-class IT business and healing people with amazing health breakthroughs designed to align your mind, body and soul. Not to mention, rock the house with Grammy-nominated music performances!

This is GLO, where we have something for everyone. Our Market Leaders are dedicated to you, the members. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for you to learn, shine, and share with our community. We’re excited about your future and look forward to supporting your dreams.

Join GLO today, and watch your business GROW!


Michelle Poscente

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