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By Michelle Lemmons-Poscente, Founder/CEO

In my over twenty years as a small business owner — I have learned that almost all entrepreneurs share many of the same experiences and challenges. We need access to education, so we can learn and grow as leaders. We need to share our experiences with peers, so that we can work together to solve problems in a safe environment; and most importantly, we need access to new markets, customers, quality vendors and the funding needed to scale and grow our businesses.

I started GLO as a way to address these critical issues and to provide all types of entrepreneurs with the community, commerce and capital they need to become successful business owners. We do this — at GLO — by providing these services in ways that are unique to a variety of different markets, including those of the retail business owner or the technology entrepreneur. We also appreciate that the experience of a Latino business owner or a Woman CEO are different, and require specialized approaches that add real value to a diverse mix of businesses.

We are working with Market Leaders like Kevin Harrington—the original Shark from the hit TV Show Shark Tank—to develop the retail business community; Nina Vaca, the incredible Chairman and CEO of the Pinnacle Group and President Emeritus of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to develop the Latino business community.

These communities are like neighborhoods in a city; and we expect each one to have their own individual flavor and to solve unique problems. Members will find that the discussions and deals vary community by community, and the offering on the Investment Portals will reflect the respective needs of each business group. Ultimately, they will all be GLO — but each will have their own special way of representing the community and addressing their specific challenges. GLO will be launching over 40 different communities lead by a Market Leader over the next two years.

On March 8th, GLO will launch several new communities within “our city.” These communities include: Retail Businesses, Latino Business, African-American Owned Businesses and Women Owned Business.

We invite you to celebrate diversity in the business sector and become a member. Join us today with a 30-day free trial!


Michelle Poscente

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