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Instant Impact and Lasting Influence with Vince Poscente

At the age of 26, Vince Poscente had never competitively skied before. At 30, he was competing for the gold in the Olympics.

Are you intrigued? On Thursday morning, Mr. Poscente spoke with GLO about how to effectively communicate impact as a rising entrepreneur. Just as with skiing, Poscente knows how to go for gold when he puts his mind to it. His time working towards the Olympics taught him to use his experiences to craft a communicable story. Poscente gave GLO insight into how he has dedicated his life to coaching entrepreneurs and CEOs alike on how to effectively capture their audience.

Poscente’s experience with coaching and ability to reach people has culminated in an effective three step process to create lasting influence on your consumers.

Distinct Value Proposition

Poscente emphasized the importance of finding a Distinct Value Proposition, a bid to hook your prospects on common ground. As an entrepreneur, you must find what you’re passionate about and communicate it in a way that excites your customer base.

The Distinct Value Proposition communicates what you’re selling in a unique way that entices your audience to want what you’re selling them. Poscente stressed that it is essential for new businesses to identify their value so they can utilize it.


From his experience in the field, Poscente has identified a few common mistakes new businesses make. When entrepreneurs build their new websites, they often identify the features they offer rather than tell a story. Poscente noted that customers “make decisions when they feel something.” He wants your to ask yourself, are you providing an experience with your company? Customers won’t forget an experience, so next time, put the features aside and focus on your story.

Eyes, Head, Heart

Poscente outlines that the next part of making a communicative impact is noting this shortcut: eyes, head, heart. This short idiom summarizes the importance of getting more “eyeballs,” maintain a customer mindshare, and stealing the heart of your buyers.

Eyes refers to getting the attention of consumers through attention grabbing marketing. Gaining the mindshare, or head, is about creating impact. You have to approach marketing with something innovative or counterintuitive. In other words, make their heads turn and get your consumers to think. To connect with someones heart, you have to be “authentic and real.” You have to figure out a way to connect with people in a tangible way.

Poscente leads by example in this matter. Since March, he has made and posted over 150 videos on his website with the goal to coach others to fulfill his mission. He knows that his purpose is to help others find their value.


The final pitch Poscente made on Thursday morning was to know this sequence: Point, Story, Connect, Point. Poscente proposed that this sequence is the best way to tell a story to make a lasting influence.

Make your point first. Before you tell your story, tell your audience what the meaning behind it is. This way, the audience knows what to look for. Then, connect the meaning of the story back to the point. Why is it important for them to know? Finally, State your point one more time to drive it home.

Just as GLO’s mission is to create a community for entrepreneurs, Poscente’s goal is to help entrepreneurs refine their craft and improve their messaging through these three integral steps. If you’re interested to learn more, sign up to watch Vince Poscente’s interview.


Samantha Braffman

Samantha Braffman is a Philadelphia based writer for Global Leaders Organization. She is also an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, working towards a bachelor's degree in Political Science and English.

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