How to Kickstart your Killer Instincts and Motivate Mental Toughness with Dave “Mr. Accountability” Anderson

Dave Anderson is the author of “Intentional Mindset”. It is all about your killer instincts and mental toughness.

 “Killer instincts gets you started, and mental toughness lets you finish.”

Motivate Your Business with Mental Toughness

What really is mental toughness? The definition of mental toughness is a measure of confidence and resilience that is predictive of success in athletics, the workplace, and education. It is about attacking the goal and fighting to the finish.

Mental toughness is not only for athletes, but for anyone in any form of relationship or starting a business. Sticking with your initial goals is challenging. It may be easier for people to have killer instincts more than others, and the same goes with mental toughness. Both are necessary to start your business and be successful.

Focus on your “Why”

These are both motivated by your “why”, which is also an integral part of how you start your business. If your “why” is not clear, it is going to be much harder to get started and further stay motivated to finish through the end. It is so important to look within instead of looking to external sources for motivation. This process of fully understanding the “why” is a key step in the onboarding process. Employees should be locked in on their purpose to help you fulfill yours through business goals.

It is also important to know your employees’ why’s. It is hard to motivate individuals when you do not know their reasons for doing what they do. Talking and getting deeper with employees creates a beneficial relationship that will become important as your business grows.

As people’s reasons and motivations continuously change, it is important to adapt and re-evaluate your processes. Adapting and continuing to stress the importance of your why is intentional. If you are not intentional with your actions and motivations, you will not be taken successfully in completing your goals. It is important to be accountable and intentional with your why as well as your company’s why.

Set your Daily Mindset

Your mindset requires work and intentional thought every day. Your daily mindset will be the guiding light to completing your goals that day. It is important to be realistic with your goals so you can see a clear path to success.

Develop Accredited Traits

Intentionally Developing 10 Traits: ACCREDITED

  1. Attitude
  2. Competitiveness
  3. Character
  4. Rigor
  5. Effort
  6. Drive
  7. Intelligence
  8. Tenacity
  9. Energy
  10. Discipline

Spending time on each of these traits and assessing your process is vital. This is an optional 70-day course in the book that you can better your intentional mindset. It is important to take steps like this to take yourself and your business to the next level. Developing these traits will help you establish your killer instincts and mental toughness. Going through challenges will help you develop these traits and keeps you in control.


Madeline Pernecky

Madeline Pernecky is a Dallas based writer for Global Leaders Organization. She is also an undergraduate student at Southern Methodist University, working towards a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing as well as minors in Advertising and Spanish.

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