GLO Provides Digital Resources to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

GLO Provides Digital Resources to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

By Nina Vaca

As entrepreneurs, we face challenges throughout our careers. Everyone does. But what sets
entrepreneurs apart is that we always persevere. We always find a way. It’s in our DNA to keep
going and keep striving for our goals. But even as we push forward, I’ve learned a valuable
lesson. Nobody does anything alone. It’s simply not scalable.

My advice for anyone striving to launch or scale a business is to surround yourself with people
who truly want to see you succeed. That means hiring the right people, finding the right
mentors and sponsors, and connecting with good suppliers and pursuing the right clients. It also
means joining the right organizations and using digital platforms that help support your success.

Last year, I launched a website,, to serve as an online tool for entrepreneurs—
sharing the groups, programs, and initiatives that have helped me grow as an entrepreneur and
business leader. Now, I’m joining forces with the Global Leaders Organization (GLO) to offer an
even greater level of resources. This will not only help entrepreneurs succeed, but also become
true leaders in their industries.

GLO has created a new digital platform for entrepreneurs that provides members with access to
business resources, market opportunities and connections to capital through online portals and
communities. GLO is on a mission to help entrepreneurs thrive!

I am so connected with GLO’s mission and am proud to be a Market Leader helping connect
others with these amazing resources. My top priority has been to leverage any success I’ve had
by reaching back and bringing others with me. As GLO’s Market Leader for Latino businesses, I’ll
continue what I started more than 17 years ago by opening more doors for Latino

I am proud of the work GLO is doing and I know it’ll make a world of difference. When
entrepreneurs succeed, it not only impacts them individually, but also their families, their
communities, and ultimately the world.


Nina Vaca

Nina Vaca

Nina Vaca is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, the largest Latina-owned workforce solutions provider in America. She also serves on the board of three Fortune 1000 companies with a combined market cap of $23 Billion: Kohl’s Corporation, Cinemark Holdings and Comerica, Inc. As an entrepreneur, committed civic leader and philanthropist, she advocates passionately for women and entrepreneurs and works to advance girls and women in STEM fields.

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