Pittsburgh Chapter Meeting with Deb GaborBranding is Sex

Online February 9, 2021

Branding is Sex: Get Your Customers Laid and Sell the Hell out of Anything with Deb Gabor

Whether your brand serves consumers or other businesses, everything has changed as a result of our experience of the Pandemic and the resulting economic uncertainty. In an effort to ensure your brand can endure these circumstances, you’ll want to take control of your brand narrative rather than leaving it up to the public to “fill in the blanks.” The best brands in the world are able to face seemingly insurmountable challenges and come out stronger on the other side. That’s because they enjoy the condition called Irrational Loyalty – a bond so strong that customers would feel they were cheating on YOU were they to choose an alternative. One of the world’s premier branding experts, Deb Gabor provides invaluable insights that will help your own enterprise build positive brand equity, goodwill, and the Irrational Loyalty that will support your brand long-term through the best and worst of times.

Using real-time examples and lessons from high-profile brand implosions and successes, Deb demonstrates how top companies that break their promises inevitably suffer, and she explores the routes the more agile ones have taken to full recovery after letting their customers down.

Deb will run attendees through a gauntlet of hands-on exercises that will guide them to reimagine — or reinforce — their brand’s foundations to set them up for success now and into the post-pandemic world.

Pittsburgh Chapter Chair Jay Fairbrother


  • Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Deb Gabor

Date & Time

  • Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
  • 5:00PM - 6:00PM Eastern


  • Online


Event Speaker

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Pittsburgh Chapter

Jay Fairbrother, Pittsburgh Chapter Chair. 30 years owning and managing businesses, as a founder, leader/operator, buyer, and seller. Expert at taking businesses to the next level by applying successful strategies for sales and marketing, operational efficiency, and aligning culture.

Deb Gabor

Deb Gabor

Most personal branding talks are either very academic or theoretical. Deb believes you shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to understand branding. Her fast-paced, highly interactive masterclasses and workshops are based upon the branding methodologies Deb has employed for decades to create some of the best-known brands in the world.

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