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Online January 28, 2021

Every company can double to triple their sales, revenue, or profits using the resources they already have.

In other words, every business can unlock a treasure chest of new clients and cash without spending more on marketing, hiring more salespeople, or burning more hours.

Now almost twenty years later Billingsley has helped transform thousands of organizations (entrepreneurial, corporate, profit, non-profit, religious organizations, to local, state, and federal agencies). He has thousands of case studies of success helping pre-revenue start-ups to multi-billion-dollar multi-nationals earn millions to billions – with the resources they have (in many cases even less).

The results for entrepreneurs, CEOs and employees.

His trademarked programs, proven methodologies, and high-intensity content has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and employees become millionaires and multi-millionaires. In some cases, in less than thirty days.

What has been the secret to helping his clients achieve jaw-dropping success and become embarrassingly rich?

When entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders follow his methodologies “more from less” to create more sales, revenue and profits and not burn more resources doing it, their companies “create wealth”.

Wealth creation for a company is when the business produces more cash on hand (COH), increased cash flow, and more robust working capital. Instead of the business growing and getting bigger, the business is now generating more revenue from every asset (contracts, clients, pursuits, products and services, etc.) while saving a fortune doing it – that’s extreme profitability. That is the difference between last century’s “business growth” philosophy and Billingsley’s “revenue growth” approach.

What Billingsley has been discovering, proving, and validating is most companies that exist are great at what they do. However, they’re not great at making money doing it. Almost all leaders are so focused on starting, running, and growing their business that they never learn how to make the most money possible with their business. They believe that if they grow and become bigger, they will make more money. Rarely. Which is why 99% of all companies struggle with cash issues. The leaders end up settling for “incremental results” as opposed to being driven towards “optimized cash creation performance.” Basically, this is the truth about all organizations:

Companies are designed to make and deliver a product or service but they’re not designed to make the most money possible.


  • Kent Billingsley

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  • Thursday, January 28th, 2021
  • 10:00AM - 11:00AM Central


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Event Speaker

Kent Billingsley

Kent Billingsley

Kent Billingsley is the founder and president of the Revenue Growth® Company, He has become America’s Revenue Growth® Architect by helping thousands of entrepreneurs and CEOs (representing over a million employees) generate several billion in new sales, as well as tens of billions in new revenue and profits for large corporations. He has personally designed, built, transformed, and turbocharged several thousand organizations in 36 countries.

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