Entrepreneurial Leap

Entrepreneurial Leap

Entrepreneur-In-The-Making Assessment:

The first step toward starting a successful start-up is to confirm that you possess the characteristics of an entrepreneur, and determine where you fall on the entrepreneurial range.

The 9 Stages of Building a Business:

How do you build a successful company faster, with less problems? Follow the steps outlined in the above video. The 9 stages are applicable to any business. The faster you understand them, and the better you apply them, the greater the business you will build.

Avoid the 8 Critical Mistakes Made by Most Entrepreneurs:

Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Dreams don’t go very far, though. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Really hard. You must have the ability to roll with the inevitable punches, or you’ll get knocked out. You must assume that you will make mistakes along your entrepreneurial journey. Everyone does. It’s important to know that many are avoidable, especially these. Here is a list of eight common mistakes. Burn them into your subconscious. That way you can take steps to avoid them when taking your entrepreneurial leap.