5 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Anyone can be an entrepreneur—emphasis on the “can.” It is all about the mindset. Some will look at an entrepreneur’s success and think, “I could have thought of that.” But there is far more than an idea separating the two individuals. Countless hours and dedication are going into that success. The business journey will be long and hard, but there are five characteristics of an entrepreneur that play a part in transforming an idea into a business.

1. High Levels of Motivation

When an entrepreneur is highlighted for their success, the countless hours of dedication it took to reach that position is often left on the back-burner. They saw a problem people were having, then solved it and created customers. The passion for fixing the problem may not always be evident to outside viewers, but that passion helps entrepreneurs stay fired up and maintain momentum when things get tough. And the process is guaranteed to get tough.

2. A Confident Decision-Maker

Many people have their own million-dollar idea. Acting on those ideas separates the entrepreneurs from everyone else, and they work with confidence. They have many tough decisions to make, and self-doubt can make everything go wrong—even if the decision was a good one. Entrepreneurs make intelligent decisions based on their research, experience, and intuition, and then they stick with it.

3. A Fearless Risk-Taker

Most do not think of failure as a close friend or companion along a business journey. Entrepreneurs are well aquatinted with failure. They fail many times over before succeeding. Sometimes they get lucky, and successes are not too far and few between one another. But most times, success is a long and tedious process. Entrepreneurs embrace failure as a part of the business journey. It brings them one step closer to success. Failure certainly can be demoralizing, but the one who perseveres through it finds success.

4. Entrepreneurs are Adaptable and Resourceful

Entrepreneurs can get lucky, but they make that luck happen. They are cost-effective and resourceful people who use every connection and tool available to them to ensure that somewhere down the road, they succeed. With failure as a given, entrepreneurs are readily able to adapt to the many hardships that are sure to head their way. The world constantly evolves, and they either grow with the world or get passed up by the guy who did.

5. Entrepreneurs are Forever a Student of Business

The best thing for entrepreneurs to know is that they will never know everything. That certainly does not stop them from trying. If you go a week without talking with one, the subsequent conversation can easily focus on something new they learned or are learning. Entrepreneurs have an open-minded thought process. They have done the tenuous research process and have reached a conclusion, but that conclusion is open to change, so long as new reliable information is discovered. There will always be something to learn or something to improve. Entrepreneurs are determined to find it and use it to their advantage.

With passion, confidence, fearlessness, adaptability, and a constant hunger for learning, you will be the entrepreneur employees and customers want to follow.  Join GLO now – GLO Provides Digital Resources to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed


EJ Niemczyk

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