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Global Leaders Organization is a community of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, Presidents and CEOs who learn from each other, do business with each other, and—most importantly—help each other grow. Members leverage the power of GLO in three primary ways.

Community Funnel


Connect with like-minded leaders via a dynamic digital platform and enjoy face-to-face interaction with local chapters.

Commerce Funnel


Market your business to pre-qualified customers in the GLO marketplace and watch your sales soar!

capital funnel


Enjoy easier access to working or growth capital, credit, and investment opportunities through GLO investment portals.

“GLO is such an amazing organization! It’s filled with incredible thought leaders who so generously share their wisdom.”

Jeff Crilley

Emmy Award Winning Reporter

“I love great deals. In fact, I’ve spent a lifetime in business focused on making great deals. My curiosity has led me to some great offers, and I’m glad I took advantage of them.”

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark and Founder of GLO

“GLO’s community of entrepreneurs helps me stay current on trends and insights on growing my Business.”

Steve Sims

CEO & Founder, Wichita Fixit

“We hired Lauren Blair to do a marketing consulting project for our company and we liked it so much we hired him to do a second one specifically on franchise sales. The bottom line is that I liked him so much as a speaker that we became a client, twice!”

Amy Smith

CEO & Founder, Murphy Business & Financial

Business Acceleration 2.0 Series

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The GLO Business Acceleration 2.0 series is a weekly event featuring world-class thought leaders giving a best-of-class learning experience.  Learn from leading business experts. Listen to best-selling authors.  Go behind closed doors and take advantage of our VIP Room where you can ask questions directly with the guests.

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